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Fat Privilege: A Troll’s Tale.

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I’ve been meaning to post for a long while, but life gets in the way sometimes. Apologies for dragging my butt and taking so long!

So, for some reason, whenever you decide to take your own little piece of the internet and use it to call out the shitty treatment of a marginalised group of people, there are always trolls who want to come into that space. People who feel the need to derail conversations, twist the arguments, carry on until we all bow to their opinion (regardless of relevance), and just generally flail their arms and shed their privileged tears all over the topic. 

This isn’t just a fat thing either, it happens in all sorts of groups that are discriminated against. PoC, Trans people, LGBT rights, the list goes on (and on).. Please remember that if you’re joining in on these conversations and want to learn, you need to be aware of any privileges you have. Take a back seat and listen. It may be hard to swallow, but your opinion might not be needed or welcome in the discussion and you need to accept that and not talk over them, even if you don’t like it. 

Today I’m going to focus primarily on the trolls attacking the FA community. Some days they just make you laugh, and you can hit that delete button all day long. Some days it’s extremely frustrating and I know that I personally need to walk away. Because if I poke back, then I end up looking like the stereotypical angry fat bitch snarling at every commenter who may or may not be simply offering ‘helpful advice’.

I’ve recently noticed a wave of comments coming in to this blog (and I don’t know about anyone else, fatty bloggers?) discussing something they’re calling Fat Privilege. I’m assuming it’s a troll retaliation to the term Thin Privilege, and, if anyone hasn’t yet, you NEED to hit up ThisIsThinPrivilege AND READ. Basically, their blog ‘showcases examples of thin privilege in order to illustrate fatphobia and fat discrimination.’ It’s a great blog, and the mods there are among some of the most inspiring fat activists you could hope to meet and learn from.

But Fat Privilege? I can’t even.. I mean, where is this coming from? I can only stand over here under my giant flashing neon ‘FUCK YOU’ sign and laugh at all the thin little trolls that think they’re being oppressed by the big bad fatties. 

I had to wonder how on earth fat people had ANY privilege over thin people in this society that worships thinness as the epitome of health, beauty, and all that we should be striving to attain. Because it’s all for nothing if you’re gonna be fat, let’s face it. Beautiful? Healthy? Successful? Happy? Ha, no sorry! You don’t get to be considered any of those if you aren’t thin. 

But hey, perhaps I’m being too harsh, so let me just chill out a little and really think. Surely us fatties have some privileges?

Wait a second, I’m putting on my sarcastic hat.

Ah, yes.

Fat Privilege is not having to choose from thirty different clothing stores locally, because there’s only one or two stores that carry your size. Fat Privilege is also not having to choose your own personal style because the same prints and patterns have been in those two stores for the last twenty years. So it’s all knitted poly-blends, animal print, and stripes for you.. Lucky!

Fat Privilege is paying twice as much money for clothing that’s half the quality as those made for straight sizes. I love forking out cash for cheap fabric that’s held together with strands of chewing gum, how about you?

Fat Privilege is having weight-loss propoganda handed to you by helpful strangers in the street or by people at work. Not only is fat stigma all over tv and magazines, but it delivers now too! You don’t have to go searching for your daily dose of fat shaming anymore you lucky, lucky fatty!

Fat Privilege is never having to worry about what you eat, because NO FATTY EVER has had anyone judge them for their food choices. EVER. …ever.

Fat Privilege is getting a rare glimpse of somebody that looks like you on television. Nevermind that their character is a stereotypical representation and the butt of all the jokes, lacking any real depth.  Look! A fat person! 

Fat Privilege is having one medical diagnosis, no matter your symptoms. Ear pain? Fat. Broken finger? Fat. Headache? Nausea? Searing abdominal pain? Fat. Fat. Fat. Oh the convenience! 

Gosh, who knew us fatties had it so good?

If anyone has more examples of this fantastic thing called Fat Privilege, please join in. I’d love to hear from you.

Bottom line though, you can kiss the fattest part of my ass and I don’t care how much you cry about it because Fat Privilege isn’t a real thing. Sorry trolls, pack up your toys and go home. We’re done here.

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  1. Fat privilege…really…what will they think of next? There really isn’t a privilege of being fat, but just like the overcrowded earth movement, fat people are also in the way, as much as babies and children! Good grief! I sigh and cry at the mentality of the world. There is thin privilege however, and I experience the size 14 dilemma:

    1. Going to a clothing store, looking at the very full and well stocked size 0-8 section. Sizes 10-12 are slim, and sizes 14-16 are basically missing. WTF?

    2. Going into a plus sized store…too small for all the clothing.

    3. Stores with ULTRA cute clothing only going up to a size 8 or maybe a 10, with an 8-10 being considered a large. You sometimes just miss the cut when they go up to a 12.

    4. You’re considered a borderline size. Somewhat fat, but not quite, but just fat enough to become unattractive, but still possible to be easy on the eyes, but not really datable as compared to 8’s and 10’s…

    5. You begin to noticed that at this size, certain clothing is not available…though it is in other sizes.

    Also, the short dilemma as I am only 5’0 (some of this could probably apply to tall ladies too):

    1. Going to a clothing store, and seeing a petite section is completely non-existent…or if it is there, contains fugly, pieces of silly clothing that seem to be strangely missing in other sections as they are instead filled with nicer pieces that look more wearable.

    2. Looking for nicer, more reasonably fitting clothes for short people, and realizing that “petite” also sometimes means “sizes 00-8 only”.

    3. Having to learn to SEW just to get around the lack of nice clothing for shorties.

    4. Clothing not always available for petites that are for regular sizes.

    (sarcasm start) I mean, wtf is this? I have both “problems”. Plus sized AND short! It really does suck for me, but I guess until I can actually safely lose weight without hurting my unborn child, I will have to just….deal with it? (My sarcasm is over).

  2. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective.

    A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say you have done a superb job with this. In addition, the blog loads very quick for me on Internet explorer. Excellent Blog!

  3. Absolutely brilliant article – I love the sarcasm!

    Here’s a few of my own (from the UK):

    Fat Privilege is getting your own fanfare as you enter the swimming pool “Oh look, it’s a beached whale” because nobody will notice all the water jump out as I jump in…

    Fat Privilege is being set up on blind dates by well-meaning relatives because “poor fatty’s still left on the shelf”

    Fat Privilege is the knowledge that you could have any man/woman/partner you want “because you’d be so pretty if only you lost a few stone”

  4. Claiming fat privilege is just another way of saying that fat people are ruining the world for everyone and no one is stopping them. It is disturbing that fat people cannot interact without shaming trolls in a tiny little part of the internet. They hate fat people enough to go looking for them in cyberspace.

  5. Fat privilege is being ***perfectly safe*** from sexual assault. (Fat, old, and ugly women are ***never*** raped.)
    Fat privilege is always getting to be the funny one instead of the pretty/handsome one or the slutty one in a social group.
    Fat privilege is looking like a Real American (because obesity is an American thing).
    Fat privilege is not having to save for retirement because you will **definitely** die of obesity long before your turn 50.
    Fat privilege is not having to go to the doctor for a diagnosis. No matter what your symptoms, you already know that the diagnosis is “obesity” and the treatment is “lose weight”.

  6. Love your blog post. You go girl! I got called a mean person today because I stood up for fat people. I’m honored.

  7. I love you. I’ve been both heavy and thin. I’ll tell ya…I am now learning to love myself in any shape. I exercised before to get thin and that caused me to panic when I was thin because I obsessed over my body. I hated that feeling. That thin privilege it gave me. I was working way too hard and was on the verge of unhealthy over-exercising and crying that I couldn’t have that perfectly flat stomach (after 2 kids) or wear a bikini even though I was a size 7. So in the end when I ran into life issues, it lead to depression and pain and just going back to my heavy weight. What a dumb bitch I was. I had to stop exercising for my looks. I learned my lesson. I now exercise to get stronger and not have my feet hurt or my back ache. I exercise for fun. Fuck people who are judging me on my looks and weight. And I’ve stopped hiding my weight at the gym. I’m not there for them. I’m there for me. I don’t care if I don’t lose weight any more. I shouldn’t have to work THAT hard to be a weight my body isn’t supposed to be. I enjoy exercise more now because my goal isn’t to be a size 5.

    • Well, dumb is a strong word. Many of us have been there so don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m glad to hear you are in a much better place with your body because it’s yours and it’s amazing!

  8. What’s wrong with being an angry fat bitch? I think we need MORE angry fat people expressing their angry fat opinions all over the place.
    My favorite fat privilege is never being used in a smoking ad. Because I’d hate to set a bad example, y’know?

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an angry fat bitch. Get angry!

      Cue Troll: “But, but.. I just thought you should try a salad. I’m being helpful, I don’t know why you’re getting angry. Why are you oppressing meeeee??” *tiny troll tears*

  9. Obviously, fatties get to take up TWO seats on the plane and at the movie theater instead of being confined to one.

    And shopping for clothes has gotta be so much easier because it’s not as if ANYTHING is EVER going to look flattering on them, so they needn’t try so hard or search as much.

    Don’t forget that fatties can and do stuff their faces with all the cake and ice cream and pizza they like while better, thinner folk starve themselves.

    And fatties get to be all self-righteous about how they’re treated. Wah, wah.

    Only REAL fatties get to have WLS, whereas the rest of the world has to actually work at being slim and suffer the burden of having a full-size stomach with full-size hunger.

    Fatties get to demand all sorts of special treatment like special wheelchairs/gurneys, wider computer chairs, custom coffins, and all that BS in the name of “fair and equal” treatment, though I have to use the regular old crap that everybody *normal* uses.

    And fatties have better outcomes for many kinds of illness. . . . Ack, I ran out of sarcasm steam.


    • Yes! These are great. Two seats for every fatty! Nevermind having to pay for both chairs when you only have one ass. But what about those poor guys who need three cubic feet of space per ball? No? Only one seat? Well obviously it’s Fat Privilege for the win, right?


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